What is a Home Security System and Alarm Monitoring?

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The primary objective of the home security system and alarm monitoring is securing all types of entry points of your house or business from unidentified intruders. Its secondary aim is to secure valuables like expensive art, electronics, and jewelry from the same intruders mentioned above. 

No matter what size your home is, the home security system and alarm monitoring are usually the same as the systems found in other secured homes. The only difference in the home security systems and alarm monitoring is the number of different components deployed. The component’s name and types are based on the size of a home and its security needs including the needs of the homeowner. These components can range from Security Surveillance Cameras, Security Motion Detectors, Security Glass Break Sensors, Security Panic Buttons, Security Smokes Sensors to name a few.

The definition of a home security system and alarm monitoring:

The actual meaning can be found in its name, but for simplification, it has been laid out in the next sentence. It is a method of securing your home through a system of interconnected devices and components made explicitly for the task of securing.

The home security system and alarm monitoring will usually include components like the main control panel, an alarm monitoring system, door and window sensors, yard/window signs. It may typically also include components like Surveillance cameras and movements sensors (these track movements inside the house).

How does it work?

Almost all the home security systems and alarm monitoring have its security control panel installed at a convenient location inside the house. The convenience is for the user, and the security control panel essentially controls almost all the components inside the house. The sensors are usually installed at the windows and doors especially the ones that open for everyday use and are at ground level. Open spaces inside the home can be secured with security motion sensors and security glass breaks. 

As mentioned before, the security control panel is the security component of the security system that arms and disarms the other security components. The security components installed all over the house communicates with the security control panel. When an intrusion takes place in the security zone of a particular security component, an alarm is sounded on, and our alarm monitoring central station is alerted. The security monitoring company, in turn, informs the related authorities after their alert. A security control panel usually has a security keypad or a security touchpad for interaction with the user, where a passcode is inserted to arm or disarm the security system and alarm monitoring.

Two parts that are adjacent to each other are installed for door and window sensor. They are always in contact when the windows or doors are closed and go out of touch when they are open. If the connection is broken, once the security system is armed and ready, the security control panel again sends the alarm.

The security motion sensors are given a specific secured zone, and it monitors through detecting infrared heat energy that humans release once the security motion detector sense that energy, the alarmed is sounded on again. Security Surveillance cameras record and feed the video through a connected device anywhere inside the home. The security cameras themselves are installed at the blindest spots for intruders. Security Yard Signs and Stickers are deployed to scare and warn the prospective intruder off.



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