$12.99 Alarm Monitoring & Home Security

alarm monitoring

The company just gave us a free upgrade for being a loyal customer. We find the system very user friendly! We really like the simplicity. We love the home automation that came with the alarm system. I visited with the owner and very impressed with the company they have built.

Tim & Kendall Withrow

I had a break in on March 29 and the two way voice scared off the intruder. I was an hour away from home when I was notified of the break in. When I arrived at my house the police were on site. The front door had been smashed in but nothing had been taken even though there was an expensive camera lying on a table quite near the door.

John Stephens

Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions and addressing all of my concerns in a professional and courteous manner. It seems to me these traits are rare these days. I would also like to thank GSS for providing a top rate security system very competitive price. 

Matt & Sherry Wilson

Yesterday someone broke in! I’m so pleased to say that the GSS worked….yeah!! I received a phone call right away and immediately knew that it wasn’t a false alarm. Nothing was taken from my home as the alarm system scared them away. I am so relieved to know that my home is safe and secure when I’m home & away.

The Ward Family


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