The Aftermath of a break-in: What to do

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Break-ins have been increasing even with the advancements of security systems, alarm monitoring and an increase in the patrolling officers. But the situation is still dire though it is not due to the security systems, alarm monitoring themselves or the patrolling officers. It is just that the break-ins are on the rise. So, in situations like these there should be some measures taken, which at the time can be eased through the use of a security system, alarm monitoring and security cameras. Here are some hints that explain what to in the event there is a break-in in the process:


Contacting the police:

The first rule of an in-process breaking in is that your main objective should be contacting the police. Police are well trained for these matters, so taking things in your hand can be very dangerous. We mean this is what police are there for. Many times a verified security system and alarm monitoring will alert the authorities in wake of a break-in.


Prepare to call the insurance company:

As soon as the intruders or if you come to know they are gone (in case you were not there), call the insurance company. It is highly likely that they went through your things and took many of them but in the end, it is you and the occupants of the house should be safe. The only things you need to do after the call is to get a police report, create an inventory list and take photos of the damages done and then send it to the insurance company.


Record your version of the event:

This can essentially help the police catch the culprits and one can also claim the insurance in a proper way. The account of it should be detailed and accurate as this is the only way police and the insurance company can help you. If there was someone else with you at the time of intrusion, record their account too. Things in this account can be what was lost and damaged, how many intruders were there, was someone injured… A lot of time the footage from security cameras can help, so it good to have camera system as part of a security system and alarm monitoring.


Talk to the occupants of premises that were hit by the break-in:

It is important that the occupants of the premises of a break-in should be taken care of or helped calm down. Many of them will be scared of what just happened and would wish some support from somebody. If you are clear-headed one at the spot then it is importnat to help those in need around you. This helps to calm down the situation and also the occupant of the premises as a whole.



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