Security Systems And Alarm Monitoring For The Modern World

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Blog

Technology has come a long way so much that even the home security systems and alarm monitoring are just a voice command away. The smart features that a home security system and alarm monitoring of today’s world possesses are unlike anything. These features do not only make your home and business safer but can permanently bring convenience to you too. The technologies of Wifi, Bluetooth have all been connected to the new age home security systems and alarm monitoring. These security systems, in turn, bring safety to situations like the intrusion of burglars, fire, carbon monoxide, medical, locks, lights, thermostats, and many other options. Here are some key features a smart security system and alarm monitoring system help make your life easier and safer. 

Smart Cameras:

These are surveillance cameras that have been made smart through the addition of compatibility with smartphones. What these cameras can do is give the live and recorded feed direct to your smartphones screens. You can connect these through a WIFI connection. You save your recorded feed directly to an internet Cloud, essentially ending the need for onsite data storage change when your storage fills up.

Cameras must be installed based on your needs. Customers choose both inside and out. Customers like the ability to see when an alarm is activated. The positioning of cameras will allow you to see if a light is turned on, a door has been opened or your home has been ransacked. But if you need them to be installed outside, they also need to be appropriately installed that can survive outside environment. If you do an outside installation make sure the cameras are designed for the elements of hot/cold weather, ice, snow, and rain. Also, make sure you have adequate light to get a clearer picture. Cameras come with infrared, but always so much better when you have light.

Both of them comes with motion sensing, high resolution and wide field of view. Cameras are always great additions to home security systems and alarm monitoring.

Smart Lights With Your Home Security System And Alarm Monitoring:

Smart lights bring you the benefit of scaring off intruders, therefore, complementing your home security system and alarm monitoring. These also connect with smartphones from where they can be turned on or off, and their color can be changed into a different one. You can also seemingly change the dimness of the LED-powered light bulb and can do these things from anywhere you want. 

Smart Doorbells With Your Home Security System And Alarm Monitoring:

This little thing is one of the greatest inventions I’ve ever seen. Once an incoming individual rings the bell, it automatically fills your phone screen up with the live feed of doorbell ringer. It is because it has a small camera installed inside the doorbell. The is one also has high resolution, two-way audio and motion sensors. The doorbell will also notify you when someone is at your door. Delivery drops off a package you will know about it within a second. This is an excellent addition to your home security system and alarm monitoring.

Smart Smoke Detectors With Your Home Security System And Alarm Monitoring:

Home security systems and alarm monitoring systems usually come with a smoke detector, but not the smart ones. This smoke alarm has different characteristics of its own. With this device, the traditional smoke alarms make their entry into the internet age. This one has a WIFI connection and can correctly identify the origin of smoke or fire. The best feature of this device is that it can alert users on their smartphone that some smoke is in the house even when the users are outside. With this device, you can also silent your false alarm with your smartphone just by a simple click.



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