Securing your Vacation Home with a Home Security System and Alarm Monitoring

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At times you excessively worry about the security of vacation/second home, especially if its location is in a remote area. You never thought a dream can become a nightmare. Your dream was to own another house but the management and especially the security (or moreover the absence) of it can be such a nightmare to handle. Worry not though as we have a few tips that might help you in very big strides. These tips may or may not a home security system with alarm monitoring, cameras and home automation. We can also add water sensors in the event a water heater or pipe breaks.

The Tips:

Invest in Home Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring

Well, this is an obvious one but certainly worth mentioning as it may be the main component of all the security a vacation home can have. As home security technology progresses and so does the creation of technologically advanced home security systems and alarm monitoring. At the same time, they are becoming more and more affordable due to the competition. The security cameras are compact yet quicker. The smoke detecting technology is faster than ever. And then the home security system feed has essentially become portable by providing support through your own smartphone via an application made with the security systems and alarm monitoring in mind. The cameras can essentially scare the intruders off from the very start and if they do somehow evade them, then the motion sensors will not leave them alone and will sound the alarm within 15 seconds.

Add more lightening:

While it may take up a lot of energy it can help. When the lights are turned on, an incoming intruder will think the house is occupied..

Make good with neighbors:

Even in remote areas there can be neighbors. One thing is for sure is that they can always look out for you and your vacation home whenever needed.

Hire someone to watch:

You can contact a security company to hire or hire security guards to protect your property. This even scares an incoming intruder even more so than ever. The physically imposing men with weapons will essentially scare anyone off.

Spare keys should be avoided:

You should not treat your vacation home as your actual home when it comes to security as vacation home needs more security. This means no more hiding a spare key under the doormat or a fake rock as the first things the intruders are going to look for. You will essentially be helping them get inside your vacation home.





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