by Bill Davey

My wife Andrea and I were driving to dinner in Oklahoma City. We had just enjoyed a great day of working at the office.  However, this story is not about office work.

As we drove past a neighborhood we noticed a house that had caught on fire. Being in the alarm business, I wanted to stop by and look at the damage.

I asked myself a few questions. Did they survive? Was anyone burned? Was there a pet in the home that survived? Did they have working smoke and fire detectors?

Fire is a big concern because I have met a tremendous amount of burn victims and spoken to families about loss of a family member in a residential fire. I have taught thousands of families the importance of fire safety. And that dying in a fire can be avoided, at a low cost.

Ironically, at Globelink Security (, we often explain to our clients that fire monitoring is more important than security. We mention that with a non-monitored smoke detector, if you aren’t at home, no one will know there is a fire until flames are leaping out of the roof. Will your pets be safe?

But what about when you are asleep? Fire can kill within a minute. Last night I can’t think were six hours went let alone one minute.

Burglars take a few things, fire takes everything.

In an effort to reach out, and make fire monitoring affordable for everyone, we make the following offer: For just the cost of the equipment (parts only) we will install a Honeywell fire alarm in your home, and monitor it for only $12.99 per month. You’ll need a regular phone line for this service (VOIP is excluded), or, add $10 for cellular service. If you already have our home monitoring service, of course there is no additional monthly fee to monitor fire.

Think Safety!