How Globelink Security Alarm Monitoring & Home Security Prevented a Break-In While We Were Out of Town

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Blog, Newsletter

For nearly three decades, we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses throughout Oklahoma live a more secure life. When he’s not helping protect the property and lives of others, Bill Davey, owner of Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring in Oklahoma City, can be found protecting his own home with his security system.

Several months ago, Bill was attending a weekly video conference in his office with several Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring team members. Halfway through the meeting he received an emergency call. It was a family member. A push notification from Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring appeared on the screen and when she opened it, they observed someone at the Davey family lake house. “Is this one of the landscapers?” he was asked. “No, I don’t know who that guy is,” replied Bill.

Bill followed the individual’s path through his Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring Smart App. The video doorbell captured the individual walking from the porch to the garage, then the free Globelink Camera System captured him walking to the back of the house. When Bill realized it was a trespasser snooping around, he excused himself from the meeting he immediately called the sheriff.

Bill was 200 miles away and luckily with Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring Technology the cameras and notifications triggered several lights to come on that scared the individual away. When the trespasser came past the front door, I was able to tell him the sheriff was on his way. The doorbell was nice because at that point I could communicate. As a result, I watched the trespasser leave the driveway and I informed the sheriff that he was gone so we didn’t waste the sheriff’s department resources. 

When we started 30 years ago the trespasser would’ve broken in and we would have received an alarm signal and then we’d have operators call the police and then the homeowners. It’s amazing how far the alarm system, video surveillance, home automation and A.I. technology has come for the home and small business.

The Value of Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring

After experiencing how a Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring System could help him get rid of a trespasser was worth its weight in gold, Bill wants others to know the value that Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring can bring not only to their homes, but to their peace of mind. It’s an investment that pays for itself every time you come home at night and feel secure.

“The amazing thing about Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring and the cameras is whether you’re at home, at work, or even hundreds of miles away, you are present when you can’t be there, because you can pull your video up in real time on your phone through Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring Smart App” says Bill. “This is so handy if you own multiple pieces of property and when you have multiple people on the app viewing the property.”

Being able to add multiple users to the Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring Alarm System gives Bill’s family peace of mind when they can’t be with there.

“With Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring I feel like I’m constantly there for my family and it allows me to be an extra pair of eyes,” says Bill’s Wife Andrea Davey. “When he’s not able to check his phone, we also get the notifications, so we’re all in touch and able to see what’s going on. It’s very reassuring for our family.”

Equipped with the advanced camera and real-time streaming capabilities, Globelink security & Alarm Monitoring was able to protect our property from a break-in while we were out and busy.

“We’ve had even crazier moments that we were able to catch a bear on camera two different times,” says Andrea Davey. “This experience made me more of an Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring fan than I already was. Everyone should have Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring, not only for security, but also for the peace of mind.” 



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