Can Alarm Monitoring & Home Security Systems Protect against Porch Pirates

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As more shopping moves into online space, more and more packages are being stolen from the porches of recipients before they even can to the door. This is done by none other than the people who are called Porch Pirates. They might have a cute name, but their antics are not so cute as they can be a constant nuisance to the recipients of packages. Many of the times the packages do not include shopped materials but there can important documents, and regardless these still are taken by the infamous porch pirates. Luckily, there are some preventive measures that can be taken by the recipients to ensure the safety of their packages, so see down below to have a look at them:


Installation of home security systems and alarm monitoring: 

This may be the best solution to the package thieves. If your neighborhood tends to become a target of porch pirates, then this is the best way to go. A security system and alarm monitoring can help with catching these thieves red-handed. One may ask how so, well the things the home security systems can essentially have a good number of components that make this job easier.


For example, there are outdoor motion sensors and surveillance cameras that can essentially not only deter these pirates but can also catch them in the act, so there is no benefit of doubt later. This way they will be also liable to a court proceeding of a criminal offense. There is another component that you may not know of, which is camera infused doorbell. They are usually forced by habit to leave their signature in the form of an empty box and for that, they must press the doorbell. When they do, they can many times get caught red-handed.


The company that is sending you the package can also provide protection for a little more money:

This is most prominently done by Amazon and Walmart. Take Amazon, for example, Amazon can provide in-house and in-trunk deliveries if the recipient has remote access to their homes (can also be part of security systems). Also, Amazon offers to install the Amazon Hub in apartments as a $20,000 amenity.


Use local post office as a location of delivery for more security:

You usually use FedEx, DHL or something like it. To get your goods delivered for yourself so instead of providing your home address you can ask the goods to be delivered at a local PO BOX number. You can walk or drive yourself there and then get the package yourself.


Get your delivery company to use a tracking device with your packages:

A lot of delivery companies like FedEx or UPS offer this service. So, in the case, if the package is taken, it can also be tracked. Once the authorities are alerted, you can also recover it back. Yes, this might make the charge on the shipping a little higher but in the end, it will all be worth it. And you can always do this get back at these pirates once you catch them with authorities.




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