The important pillars of a security system and alarm monitoring

There are some things that a security system and alarm monitoring cannot be complete without. These can be the underlying principles or the alarm and security components themselves. Whatever the case may be these are an important part of an equation that makes up the security system and alarm monitoring. It is not a full security system without the addition of these pillars. Let it be out there that without these pillars or your security system and alarm monitoringis useless:


The pillars that make the whole system and cannot be complete without:


There are normally fours of the pillars that make up the normal security system: These are the control panel, CCTV, motion sensors, smoke detector and alarm siren. The security system and alarm monitoring without any one of these should be considered an incomplete system.


The control panel:

This is what provides the user of the system with actual control over all the components of the alarm system. This can also act as the keypad for the code that locks and unlocks the systems. Furthermore, with new technology the control panel can also be downloaded onto the smartphone with an app. You can access your alarm system remotely.



This is another name for surveillance cameras and let us tell you that this is the most prominent pillar. Without this, there is no way for a system to deter or scare the intruder before he or she enters the premises. Apart from your security sign that says the house is secured, it is the taunting heads of security cameras that makes the incoming intruder aware that your house is secure. It can also provide the evidence when needed. Perhaps this the most important part of a security system because it ensures the safety of the user of the alarm system.


Motion Sensors:

If somebody does enter your premises somehow bypassing the main cameras, then the motion sensors will scare off the intruders with an alarm.