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The Smart Alarm & Home Automation App From OKC


All New Alarm Systems Installed By Globelink Security Are Smart Ready.
Save Time, Money & Become More Connected With Your Family.
We Can Also Convert Old Alarms To New Technology With Out Any Major Changes.

Smartphone screen displaying the 'Home' section of a security system app. The top of the screen shows 'Floor 1' and a status of 'Not Ready'. Below, there are status indicators: a red dot next to 'Kitchen' with the text 'Opened', and a yellow dot next to 'Living Room' with the text 'Bypassed'. In the center, a green circle with an unlocked padlock icon and the label 'DISARMED' suggests the security system is turned off. Icons for settings, notifications, and favorites are also visible at the top of the screen.

Control, Protect & View From Our Single Smart Alarm App

Every home & business is different. Globelink Security has a simple approach to building systems for our clients. Get full control with our smart apps. You can arm or disarm your alarm, view and record footage from your cameras, control locks, lights, thermostats, and much more.

Our company is all about flexibility and having options for each customer.

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Take Control

Your smart home

Turn Your Normal Home Into A Smart Home Security & Automation App


What's Included

  • Control Your Alarm System From Anywhere In The World
  • Dedicated Connection
  • Intelligent Safeguards
  • App Notifications
  • Text/SMS Notifications
  • Multiple Users
  • Multiple Unique User Codes
  • User Restrictions
  • Smart Phone, Smart Watch, Tablet, TV & Desktop Ready
  • Voice Control With Alexa
  • Two Factor Log In
  • Door Lock & User Access
  • Multi-Room Temperature Adjusting
  • 2-Way Live Doorbell
  • Garage Door App Control
  • Geo-Fencing Technology
  • Light & Appliance Control

Order Your Security System Online Today & Receive Free Activation, Free Equipment & Free Installation!*

Globelinksystems RC Control

The Basic App

The team at Globelink Security understands having the right diversified products and technology for clients. We now offer you a simpler app that’s designed only to arm/disarm your alarm system and receive notifications via SMS Text.

Happy Customers

“My alarm bill was cut in half and I received a great app for my existing alarm system”

“Every home automated product in my home is now on one app. This has saved me time, money and has made my life much easier.”

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