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“It is the trouble that never comes that causes the loss of sleep.” Chas. Austin Bates

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Prevent Workplace Violence with Office Security Systems

Workplace violence is a serious issue. In 2017, 458 individuals were killed, and more than 18,000 others were injured. Installing a quality office security system can help protect your workers from this violence.

Prevention is key if you want to create a safe and secure environment for your employees. Along with a few other steps, a business security system can help you prevent these crimes, keeping yourself and your workers safe.

Residential Alarm Monitoring


Will Yard Signs Help Deter Burglars?

If you are like most people, you like being able to save money. While home security is important, it is still nice to have a bit of “wiggle” room in the budget each month. To save money, you may be tempted to post a sign in your yard that states your home is protected by a certain alarm system.

However, before doing this, you need to find out if this is enough to deter burglars.


Smart Lockers: Does Your Business Need One?

A smart locker system is a type of secure storage and distribution that has a computer and sensor built-in. They can easily adjust what assets can be signed out, flag assets that need to be repaired, and alert you to any irregularities in the sign out patterns.

Traditional storage lockers can hold laptops, but they may only be secured using a PIN code. Anyone who has this code can take the laptop whenever they want. However, with a smart locker, you have a storage and charging port in one. Also, the authentication panel will record the person signing in or out of the laptop. It is possible to restrict who has access to the laptop or to make it available at only specific times.

Benefits Offered by Smart Locker Systems
There are several benefits offered by smart locker systems. These include:

• Reduced labor: The smart locker will automate time-consuming tasks that go with manual asset management.
• Reduced asset losses: No issue related to human error because the smart locker records everything.
• Automatic regulatory compliance: If you need to track certain assets or controlled substances, a smart locker will provide an efficient method for maintaining regulatory compliance.
• Improved insight for device usage: With these lockers, you have a report of how, when, and where equipment is used.
• Always ready: Designed for busy workplaces and can be used in emergency situations, smart lockers can always provide access thanks to battery backup and smart features.

Is a smart locker right for your business? With the information here, you can see all the benefits this type of technology offers. Take advantage of them to see how they can benefit your business.


Autumn Wellness Tips: Stay Healthy as the Seasons Change


Making a transition to the shorter and the busier days of fall can be challenging. To help you ease into this change and avoid succumbing to a cold, the flu, or another illness, keep reading. Here you can find some helpful tips on how to keep your physical and mental health in check.

Take a Vitamin D Supplement
People get most of their vitamin D from the sun. When the weather turns colder, the intake of this essential vitamin will fall. If you don’t get outside too much, taking a vitamin D supplement can help boost your immunity.

Take Time for Yourself
The colder months of the year are when the earth is telling you to “slow down!” Take time to journal and track your moods. Get in touch with how you feel. This is very beneficial for your mental and emotional well-being.

Schedule a Yearly Check-Up and Get Your Flu Shot
This should be self-explanatory. No one wants to be under the weather.

Boost Your Immunity
You can do this by drinking plenty of water, regularly washing your hands, and avoiding others who are ill. You should also eat a balanced diet.

Moisturize Your Skin
Harsh temperatures can make your skin quite dry. You also need to wear sunscreen at all times.

If you want to welcome in the fall months and remain happy and healthy, keep the tips and information here in mind.


The Best Shows to Binge on Netflix Right Now      

Everyone needs to have a Netflix binge-session from time to time. If you are ready to settle in and watch some of the best shows available right now, check out this list.

Anne with an E
This show tells the story of Anne Shirley who is a strong-willed, imaginative orphan who helps to transform the lives of people she encounters. If you are looking for a great show that will make you feel good and want to see more, this is one to try.

Master of None
A comedy, this show follows the professional and personal challenges faced by a 30-year-old actor in New York. It stars Clair Danes, Ravi Patel, Aziz Ansari, and Cady Huffman.

Dirty Money
Created by Alex Gibney, an Oscar award-winning director, this is an investigative series. It is thrilling and in-depth, a must see for everyone.

If you are looking for a great way to spend some time, try out these shows. You won’t be disappointed.