Have you looked into all other possibilities for a reliable security service near Oak Grove? Globelink Security LLC provides the highest security and safety.

Security Service Near Oak Grove

About Us – GlobeLink Security LLC.

In the early 1990s, GlobeLink launched a door-to-door and seminar-based marketing campaign to sell alarm systems and fire extinguishers. Oklahoma City’s position on family safety has shifted substantially during the last 28 years. A few notable breakthroughs in our business include the development of alarm systems, the introduction of video surveillance technologies, the launch of alarm monitoring, and the integration of video analytics and smart home automation.

While we always prioritize our clients’ demands, we also keep up with the latest breakthroughs in machines, trends, and technology. We honestly pledge to explore and implement the most advanced security methods available. In addition to the services we provide, we are committed. Since appearing on “Ask The Expert” on KFOR Channel Four, we’ve had several people express concerns about their safety.

We can help families and small businesses choose the best and most appropriate protection alternatives because of our extensive experience. Globelink Security has always prioritized Oklahomans’ needs, putting the most useful solutions ahead of KPIs or sales goals. Success comes naturally when we show our fellow Oklahomans the respect and dignity they deserve. The fact that over 90% of our revenue comes from satisfied clients reflects this approach. You are cordially encouraged to use the best security service near Oak Grove.


Security Service Near Oak Grove

Why Choose Us

  • Local Knowledge: As a locally owned and operated security service near Oak Grove, we understand the particular security concerns that Oklahoma City residents have.
  • Customer Satisfaction: When it comes to offering exceptional customer service and satisfaction, we prioritize giving each client individualized attention and support.
  • Best Products: We collaborate with top security technology providers to provide you with the latest security tools and upgrades.
  • Expandable Options: We provide scalable security packages to match your demands and budget, whether you’re a business or a homeowner.
List of Services Offered by Globelink Security LLC:

With our extensive security services, we will ensure your safety to the greatest extent possible. As the leading security service near Oak Grove, we can keep an eye on your property with sophisticated alarm systems and cutting-edge surveillance equipment. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction differentiates us from our competitors.


  • Home Security Systems
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Security Cameras
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Commercial Security Solutions
  • Access Control Systems
  • Fire and Environmental Monitoring
Interesting Fact
  • A research conducted by the Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation (AIREF) found that houses with properly installed and monitored security systems are 60% less likely to be burglarized than those without. This highlights the significant role that security companies play in reducing crime and improving property safety.
  • Security companies with local monitoring centers can respond up to 20% faster to emergencies compared to those relying on out-of-state centers. This quick response time is crucial in preventing losses and ensuring the safety of property and lives.
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We value your feedback regarding Globelink Security LLC's dependability as a top security company with the best security service In Oklahoma City. No matter what your objectives are for enhancing the security of your residence or business, our staff is available to assist you at any point in the process. Please get in touch with us right away if you'd like to schedule a consultation or find out more about our services.

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Our knowledgeable staff is eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our security solutions. We would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with you to ensure the best possible protection for the things that are most important to you.