Globelink Security and Alarm Monitoring: Elevating Home Security for a Loyal Edmond, Oklahoma Client

by | Oct 18, 2022

We recently had the honor of extending our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ well-being to the heart of Edmond, Oklahoma. Our journey began with a remarkable client who had been a part of our commercial alarm and security family for several years, and it was time to provide the same level of dedication and protection to their home.

Our client’s property featured an existing Vista 15 Honeywell alarm system, which had faithfully served them for nearly a decade. To modernize and enhance their home security, our experts recommended the installation of a cutting-edge 4G-LTE communicator for alarm monitoring, priced at just $15.99 a month.

Our skilled alarm technicians rose to the challenge and seamlessly integrated a wireless 4G-LTE alarm communicator into the client’s existing system, breathing new life into their trusty, decade-old setup. This upgrade not only ensured superior communication and connectivity but also extended the life of their alarm system, providing robust protection for many more years to come.

With the client’s rate set at a budget-friendly $15.99 per month, they embraced the benefits of advanced technology without breaking the bank. Our central station, ever vigilant and responsive, stood ready to receive alerts and act swiftly to keep their home and loved ones safe.

Globelink Security and Alarm Monitoring is committed to delivering exceptional security solutions, regardless of the scale or complexity. We’re not just protecting homes; we’re fostering peace of mind, reliability, and a brighter, more secure future for our valued clients.”

Project 2 Alarm Security System - Edmon Oklahoma 1

Project 2 Alarm Security System - Edmon Oklahoma 2

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