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Business Security & Alarm Monitoring:

Beat the Holiday Rush: Now is the Time to Add These Security Features to Your Business

The busy season will be here before you know it. That’s why now is the best time to begin adding new security measures to protect your business, your assets, employees, and customers.

Remember, the holidays are often a hectic time so you shouldn’t take any chances when it comes to your business. Keep reading to learn about some of the best security investments you can make ahead of the holiday rush.

Access Control Features

When you own a business, there’s no way for you to be on-site all the time. You have a lot of responsibilities and things to do – especially during the holidays. Are you monitoring access to various parts of your business, such as the storage area, warehouse, office, etc.? While having several employees you can trust with codes and keys will be helpful, this isn’t a foolproof plan. A better option is remote access.

Thanks to innovative technology, it’s easier than ever before to control who has access to certain parts of your business. While this technology is smart for locking and unlocking your doors from any location, it can also be customized for your business’s specific needs. This allows you to control who is going into and out of certain parts of the business – regardless of if you are on-site or not.

Constant Surveillance for Holiday Traffic

Almost everyone has some type of video surveillance in place. That’s thanks to the affordability of this technology. However, what works well for your home is very different than what you need for your business.

To ensure you can keep things protected over the holidays, you should consider having a 360-degree camera installed in the areas that have the most traffic. Consider having these placed at entrances and checkout counters. You should also work with a security company that will provide you with 24/7 monitoring services so you will know if any nefarious actions occur.

If you want to protect your business this holiday season, the security products mentioned above are a must-have. Get them installed and ready to go now so you will be ready for the busy time of year.

Residential Security:

Tips to Make Your Home Safer on a Budget

With the holidays right around the corner, you are probably thinking about decorations and gifts, parties, outings, and more. For most, this means there is limited money for home security updates.

The good news is, you don’t need a small fortune to make your home safer for the holiday season. Just use the tips found here.

Deterrence is Key

Have you thought about how secure your mail is? If not, you may want to. Consider having a lockable mailbox installed. This is especially important if you have bank statements and bills mailed to your home, and you are usually gone when it arrives.

For the windows and doors, you can put dowels in the tracks and sliding doors. You can even invest in gated doors or secondary locks. Try to make your windows less accessible by using shrubbery or planter boxes, and always check all your doors and windows before going to bed at night and in the morning before you leave.

If you can’t afford a security system right now, just fake it. You can purchase security system signs for your lawn, along with decals for your windows from an array of online retailers. It’s going to look like you have the real thing, and it is better than nothing.

Meet the Neighbors

While this may sound old-fashioned, meeting your neighbors is a great way to ensure someone is watching out for your home when you aren’t there. You may have neighbors who stay at home or even work at home, which means they can help keep an eye on things for you.

Check Your Alarms

It’s a good idea to test your fire alarms before the holiday season. All the additional lights, cooking, and new electronics can put a strain on the electric system and may cause a fire. Make sure you are protected by checking all fire alarms in your home.

If you want to have a great holiday season, from Thanksgiving through the end of the year, make sure to keep the tips here in mind.

Tech Corner

Tech Based Solutions to Keep Your Pets Safe and Secure

Modern tech innovations have made it easier than ever to keep those you love safe. It’s even designed to help you keep your home and other assets protected. But, what about your pets?

The unpredictable nature of your pet’s minds requires you to take additional steps to ensure they are safe at all times. While being a pet parent is full of unique challenges, there are tools available to help you keep them safe even when you are away.

Some of the best tech-related products and solutions to help keep your pet safe are listed here.

The Smart Doghouse

While it can be fun to take your pup along on errands, it’s not always practical. However, it may not be safe to leave them at home, either. For example, in summer, the temperatures may be too hot to leave them tied up outside, and inside, they may get bored and destroy your belongings.

A great solution is a smart doghouse. These can be found with climate control features to ensure your dog remains safe and comfortable while you are away.

A Microchip Pet Door

If you have a traditional pet door installed in your home, you may allow unwanted guests to access your house. However, if you choose a microchip pet door, this isn’t a problem. This door will only open when your pet’s microchip is in range.

Digital Video Chat with Your Pets

With this tech innovation, you can check in with your pet any time from any location. These devices include motion detectors, LCD monitors, treat release features, and a HD camera. There are some security companies that even offer this as part of their “full package.”

As you can see, there’s an array of innovative products that will help ensure your pet is safe and secure, regardless of where you are or how long you have to be gone.

Health Tip:

Winter Weather Alert: Stay Healthy, Happy, and Problem Free this Year by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Winter comes every year – it’s something you expect. While this is true, there are many people who make rather dumb mistakes because they are in a hurry or not thinking about how cold it may be outside, that leads to health issues.

If you want the best chance of staying healthy this winter, make sure to avoid the most common mistakes that are found here.

Not Dressing Properly for the Cold

If it is cold outside, you have to dress appropriately. During winter, it’s best to avoid cotton clothing because it can absorb up to 27 times its total weight in water, which can make you even colder and increase the likelihood you will get sick. It’s best to choose synthetic materials to stay warm, especially if you are going to be outside for an extended period of time.

Pouring Hot Water on Your Windshield

The temperature difference that exists between your freezing car’s windshield and scalding water may cause a crack in your windshield. If you have a crack or chip in the glass already, the hot water is going to get in it, expanding the issue, and making it much worse. Stick to a safe method of de-icing the glass – an ice scraper.

Leaving the Curtains Closed When it is Sunny Out

Natural sunlight offers one of the most effective ways for you to heat your home and reduce how much you are spending on heating costs. If you keep curtains closed, the warmth of the sunlight is going to be kept out, which makes for a colder house and more reliance on your thermostat and heating system. Keep your windows open for all south-facing windows, and use lighter or sheer curtains on the others to let more sunlight come in.

Gossip Alert:

Weird Thanksgiving Traditions from Around the Country

Thanksgiving is all about giving things, spending time with friends and family, and amazing food. However, in some parts of the country, there are some traditions that are a bit stranger than what’s considered normal. Keep reading to learn about some of these traditions.

Frozen Turkey Bowling

One of the most popular Thanksgiving traditions at the University of
Wisconsin-La Crosse is Frozen Turkey Bowling. This is an activity where people throw a frozen, oiled-up turkey toward a set of bowling pins that are setup down a grocery store aisle. The event isn’t just for kicks though. It raises money to combat smoking, which is a great incentive to roll a 14-pound turkey down a grocery store aisle.

The Turkey Trot

All around the country you’ll find turkey trot races and 5Ks. Each year, thousands of adults put on their best turkey costume and head out for a run before eating millions of calories later that day. The turkey trot is something definitely worth seeing or taking part in.

Thanksgiving Masking

During the 19th century, masking was practiced, which was a Halloween-like tradition where kids and adults would dress up for Thanksgiving. Usually, people would only wear a mask, but others would get more creative, with many younger boys dressing up as their sisters.