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Commercial Alarm Monitoring

How Often Do You Need to Test Your Business’s Security System?

If you are like many business owners, you may install a security system and have a “set it and forget it” attitude. However, to ensure the system can do its job, it’s important to consider testing it on a regular basis. Regardless of when you had your security system installed and no matter what bells and whistles it features, having it tested regularly to ensure everything is working properly is a must.

Stick to Once a Month Testing

At the very least you need to ensure your security equipment one time a month. Regardless of the features you have in place – security cameras, access control, etc. – the majority of manufacturers today recommend once a month testing. There are many in the industry who recommend testing the system the same day each month to ensure it becomes a habit.

Besides Regular Testing…

In addition to regular testing for your system, you may also encounter certain situations where additional testing is necessary. You may wonder why it may be necessary to check your security system off-schedule. There are several situations when this may be necessary.

For example, have you had maintenance workers in the building recently? Even if they didn’t intentionally affect the security system, checking to ensure everything is still in proper, working order is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to check on security settings, especially access control, if someone is fired or quits.

Provide Ample Warning of the Testing Process

An important guideline to keep in mind when testing your security system is to make sure you warn everyone ahead of time. This may result in unnecessary concern for those in the building. Make it known when the security system testing will take place to avoid adverse consequences.

Residential Alarm Monitoring

Security and Safety Tips for Your Pet this Spring

Thanks to innovative technology in place today, it is easier than ever before to keep up with the people you love and to keep them safe. However, have you given much thought about the security or safety of your pets as the weather turns warm?

While the unpredictability of animal minds requires patience, love, and sometimes a bit of creativity to keep them happy and healthy, with the right knowledge and tools you can watch over your pets – even when you have to be away.

Avoid Dangerous Foods

If you have a pet, you likely know there are certain things your pets should not have access to, such as antifreeze and chocolate. However, there are many lesser-known toxins that can be very dangerous. You may unknowingly have some around your house. For example, lilies, which are common around spring can be toxic to cats. Also, the artificial sweetener xylitol (which is popular with keto diets) is potentially dangerous to dogs.

Make sure you know what may be around your home that could harm your pet and eliminate it or move it so the animal can’t access it.

Take Your Security Cameras a Step Further

Eliminating potentially poisonous substances is just part of the solution. There are other items around your home that may hurt your pets, too. While you can’t get rid of everything in your house, you can take steps to keep tabs on what your pet is doing while you are away.

Having security cameras is a great method to ensure you home is safe and secure, but they are also beneficial if you have a pet. You can use them to check in on your pets while you are away from home. You can even find tech options that allow you to talk to and feed your pet a treat remotely while you are away. These innovative devices provide you with peace of mind that your pet is safe, secure, and happy while you are away.


How You Can Use Innovative Security Camera Tech to Help Grow Your Retail Sales

If you own or manage a retail business and use security cameras for security purposes only, then you are missing out on the potential they have to significantly contribute to the growth of your business.

Today, there are several technology companies using surveillance cameras – which in the past were just thought of as a way to reduce theft – to help retail businesses learn more about the shopping habits of their customers.

Dynamic data, heat maps, and video analytics can help retail companies perform various A/B tests to determine if a customer is responding better to one campaign over another. It also allows retail firms to gather helpful data about their customers without having to using surveys or other types of disruptive techniques.

While this technology is still new and being tested, it offers promise regarding boosting sales for all types and sizes of retail businesses.


Warming Weather and the Coronavirus: Are Things Going to Change?

There are many experts who agree the weather may play a huge role in the continued spread along with the suppression of the coronavirus. As of February 6th, there have been over 28K cases of the virus confirmed and around 565 fatalities.

It has even been confirmed by the United States Embassy that the first American who was diagnosed with the virus passed away because of it.

The experts, though, say there is a sliver lining. Currently and for a few more months, due to the weak sun and colder weather in the Northern hemisphere, the conditions are helping the spread of the virus. However, based on how they have seen other viruses and the flu respond to warming temperatures in the past, there is much less potential for the virus to spread when the sun is at it strongest, which occurs between the months of May and September. It’s believed that the intensity of the sun and the longer daylight hours will help to suppress the virus.




Surprising Cameos from Favorite Celebrities

If you are like most people, you probably enjoy finding a good Easter egg in your favorite movies. Of these, the “blink and you miss it” celeb cameos are, without a doubt, some of the best.

Keep reading to find out some of the most surprising celeb cameos that you probably missed.

Trevor Noah

While Noah never actually appeared in “Black Panther,” any fan knows that it was his voice that was heard coming out of the ship that Martin Freeman’s character was piloting during the final sequence of the film.

Taylor Swift

Long before swift was performing in front of millions of screaming fans, she appeared on “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” where she performed her music in Crowley Corners during a hoedown.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Both of the royal princes got a cameo as a stormtrooper in the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” movie; however, the scene they were in was cut because they wound up being too tall.




Rock ‘N Roll Trivia Question:

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Who replaced Brad Whitford and Joe Perry on Aerosmith’s “Rock In A Hard Place” album?

Answer: Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo

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