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not to be picked in strangers’ gardens.”   – Douglas Jerrold

Business Security & Alarm Monitoring:

Is Access Control Right for Your Business? Benefits Explained

Owning a business require you to wear a lot of hats. Not only do you have to ensure everything runs efficiently, but you also have to protect your assets. While alarm systems and video surveillance help with this – you may be wondering – is there anything else you can do?

The short answer is – Yes!

Installing an access control system can help you limit access to certain parts of the business. You can prevent certain employees from venturing into the office, store room, or other areas of the business that you deem “off limits.”

However, if you aren’t convinced that access control is right for you, read about some of the amazing benefits it offers here. Doing so can help you make an educated decision about whether or not you should invest in an access control system.

  1. No longer worry about lost keys
  2. Know who is coming and going from restricted areas at all times
  3. Eliminate the worry of unauthorized people gaining access to certain areas
  4. Reduce after-hour chaos
  5. Secure sensitive information
  6. Increase safety
  7. Reduce accidents and theft
  8. Control access across several properties

As you can see, there are several benefits offered by installing an access control system. If you have not yet invested in business access control, then now may be the time to do so. Reach out to the pros to learn more.

Residential Security:

Tips to Troubleshoot the Most Common Issues with Your Home Security System and Alarm Monitoring

Chances are, you initially installed a home security system to protect your property from the many threats present today. However, there are a wide array of issues that can limit how effective your system is, and potentially put your family’s safety and well-being at risk.

Malfunctions are both annoying and frustrating, but depending on where you live, this may even result in you have to pay significant fines.

If you want to avoid some of the most common home security system issues, then the best thing you can do is get to know what these issues are. Keep reading to learn more.

Ignoring system gaps. Far too many homeowners purchase a basic alarm system to reduce their price. However, the “bare bones” solution may leave specific areas without adequate protection. An experienced burglar may access the weak areas and use them to their benefit. The best way to ensure adequate protection is to work with the professionals to have the right security solution implemented.

Not making the system tamper-proof. The internet-based security systems used in homes today require passwords to operate and access them. Just like with your computer, a hacker can not only infiltrate, but also disable your system and may even be able to steal your personal information – unless you change the password on a regular basis.

Not updating your system. The security needs of your home are going to change over time. If you don’t reprogram your system from time to time, like after you have added on to your house or after a rather large renovation, it may result in the system not functioning properly. You should also have a professional take a look at the system from time to time to ensure it is still able to meet your needs.

If you want a home alarm system to continue protecting your home and your family, be sure to keep the issues here in mind and take the appropriate steps as needed.

Tech Corner:

The Advantages of Smart Home Tech for Special Needs Caregivers

Do you provide care for someone with special needs? If so, you may find it challenging to balance work and other time constraints while making sure the person in your charge receives the attention they need. There’s also the continuous worry about the individual’s safety and well-being – especially if you have to leave them alone for extended periods of time.

A great way to ease some of this stress and worry is by investing in and relying on smart home technology. Some of the ways this technology can be beneficial for your situation are listed here.

Remote monitoring. With smart technology, you can set up cameras inside of your home, and use your mobile device as a way to check in on the special need’s individual. With this system, you can see what is going on around the house at any time. This will give you peace of mind while you are away.

System operation and automated device. There are some situations where the person may not have the ability to operate locks, thermostats and other system features without help. With smart technology, you (the caregiver) can remotely control and reprogram all these devices.

Increased safety. Individuals with special needs may not have the ability to defend themselves if an intruder came into the house. With smart technology, you have the assurance that the individual is safe in the home. For example, you can install a doorbell camera, which will allow them to see who is at the door without having to open it.

With smart home technology, you have help when caring for someone with special needs. Considering using these features to see how beneficial they can be.

Health Tip:

Celebrate World Sleep Day on March 15th with a Nap

Did you know that March 15th is world sleep day? This is the perfect time to evaluate your sleep habits and even catch a few extra zzz’s during the day.

However, the fact is, sleep deprivation is a serious issue, and one that can result in many health problems down the road. But, are you sleep deprived? Do you know how to tell?

If not, you are in the right place.

Some of the most common signs of sleep deprivation include:

  • You always feel hungry
  • You have gained weight
  • You have a bad memory
  • You are more impulsive
  • You have issues making decisions
  • Your motor skills aren’t quite right
  • You get sick easily and frequently
  • You are having issues seeing
  • Your skin is dry, patchy, dull or broken out
  • You think you may have fallen asleep behind the wheel

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, then it may be time to figure out how you can improve your sleep. Over time, sleep deprivation can lead to a number of health problems, and even serious accidents.

If you aren’t sure how to improve your sleep routine, then it is a good idea to speak with your doctor.

Gossip Alert:

Crazy Facts About Celebrities You May Not Believe

Celebrates are just like us, right?

That’s truer than you may believe. In fact, you can see just how true it is by pursuing the crazy celebrity facts found here.

Megan Fox Believes in Leprechauns

While promoting the first “Transformers” movie, Megan Fox stated she believed in leprechauns. Not like the cartoon leprechaun used to advertise Lucky Charms cereal, but something in a more traditional sense.

Kim Kardashian Hires Someone to Remove the Paper Sleeve from her Coffee

When Kim gets a coffee from Starbucks, she actually leaves the room while someone else removes the paper sleeve. She is reported to “hate them and cringe at the sound.” She also hates cardboard in general.

Mike Tyson Owns a Solid Gold Bathtub

In addition to a number of poor money decisions that have been made by Mike Tyson, he once dropped more than $2.2 million on a bathtub made of 24 karat gold to put in his Ohio based mansion.