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As You Reopen Your Doors – Check Your Security! 


Throughout the latter part of May, idling business owners across the country waited anxiously to get the “go ahead” to open their doors to the public once again. As this approval came through in many states, business owners excitedly reopened their doors, thrilled to have a way to earn a living again. However, with these businesses reopening, inventory and cash are moving again. While this is great news for business owners and the economy, it can also be enticing to potential burglars. With all the other challenges presented by COVID-19 for business owners, now is the time to take notice and take steps to protect your future revenue. Therefore, it is a great time to check out your existing security and determine if an upgrade is needed.




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Geofencing and Smart Home Security: What You Need to Know 

Geofencing allows you to control your home’s security, temperature and lighting all by following your regular, day-to-day routine. Chances are, when you get home from a long day at work, all you want to do is relax. However, when you walk through the door, there are a few things you must do. For example, you may be trying to save money while away by turning off the lights and up the AC. Now that you are home, turning on a few lights and cooling things off is necessary. Even when you adjust the temperature, it will take a while to reach a comfortable level. There is a better option. This option lets you walk into your house after you have been gone all day and go right to your favorite spot. You do not have to worry about anything – temperature of the room, lights, or even home security. Geofencing handles all this for you – and so much more!



Innovative Methods to Use High-Tech Window and Door Sensors

Intrusion sensors are part of most modern security systems. Motion sensors, glass break sensors, door sensors, and window sensors all use innovative technology that helps you protect your home and family. While this is true, they can do much more than just detecting an intruder. You can use these devices to help alert you to events that may not be directly related to your security.

Safeguard Vulnerable Assets with Door and Window Sensors 

In approximately 34% of all burglaries, the individual will come in through your front door. Some of the other common points of entry include back doors and windows. Wireless window and door sensors let you lock down your home in an unobtrusive, yet effective manner. However, using these sensors for their intended purpose is not the only option you have.

Protect Property and Family with Sensor Placement Creativity

Along with your windows and doors, you can use these innovative sensors to monitor any area or part of your home that opens or closes. Some of the top ways to use these sensors include:

• Put sensors on liquor cabinets, gun cabinets, safes, medicine cabinets, and other locations where you do not want others (i.e., the pet sitter, nanny, child, etc.) getting into.

• Use notifications on door sensors to keep tabs on who is coming and going from the home.

• Install sensors on your children’s bedroom doors to know when they leave their room.

• Leave windows open and know if they are moved to allow access for a person.

As you can see, window, door, and motion sensors have an array of uses beyond what they are designed for. Try using these in your home to see the benefits they offer and the added security they will provide you.



Social Distancing This Summer: Tips to Stay Safe and Sane

 Focusing on self-care, helping others, and maintaining a routine are some of the top ways you can stay “safe and sane” this summer while continuing to practice social distancing.

• Maintain a Routine: You should keep your routines as much as you can and make sure that social distancing does not disrupt your sleep and wake cycles, day-to-day activities, or working hours.

• Make it Positive: Take steps to make social distancing positive by using this time to focus on your physical activity, health habits, personal health, and exercise. Add more protein, vitamins, fruits, and vegetables to your diet and try to consume two to three meals per day.

• Exercise More: Get outside and get moving as much as possible.

• Take Small Breaks from Social Distancing: You need to be around people, so make sure you do this safely.

The summer of 2020 is going to go down in history as one of the most unique ever. While social distancing can be difficult, by abiding by the tips and rules here, you can make the most of your summer.



How Celebrities Have Given Back During the COVID-19 Crisis    

As the coronavirus spread around the globe, many stars began to find ways to help. Some did this by using their platform and voice to increase awareness, while others donated money to certain organizations. Some of the celebrities who have helped during this worldwide time of need include:

• 200K Euros given by Donatella Versace and daughter to a hospital in Italy.

• Justin Timberlake donated to the Mid-South Food Bank in Memphis, TN, his hometown.

• Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donated $1 million to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America.

• Brad Paisley opened his free grocery store in Nashville early to help those in need.

Stars are not the only ones giving back. Millions of people have given back across the country by making and donating masks, making donations, and more.