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Business Security & Alarm Monitoring:

Why Even Small Businesses Need to Invest in Video Surveillance Systems

If you are like other small business owners, you may depend on a somewhat small profit margin to help maintain your day to day operations. Due to this, you may also think a security system is a luxury, rather than a necessity.

The fact is, a single break in may cost your small business thousands of dollars in property damage, lost inventory, and downtime. This is why investing in a video surveillance system is such a good idea.

If you still aren’t convinced this security system is right for you, read the benefits it offers here.

Prevent Vandalism and Theft

When you have cameras installed on your business property, you can prevent vandalism, break-ins, and more. Keep in mind, as the business owner, you pay both directly and indirectly for vandalism. In fact, just one act of vandalism can cost your business as much as $3,370. This is due to the repair and replacement of the property vandalized, and the interruption/downtime the vandalism costs your business.

Reduces Costs

Another benefit offered by video surveillance is that it can help reduce security-related costs. With modern CCTV technology, getting better and better due to the high-tech wireless systems available today, they are much more accurate than ever before.

There are some systems that even operate on the cloud. All this results in lower costs thanks to reduced setup expenses and deployment, along with increased data security.

Access to Real-Time Footage

With a quality video surveillance system, you can see what is going on at all times, regardless of where you are. This gives you even more peace of mind your property is safe and secure, even when you are away.

As you can see, having a video surveillance system installed for your small business is something that makes sense. While it is an upfront expense, it can help save you big down the road.

Residential Security:

What You Should Never Keep in Your Home Safe

Have you made the decision to have a safe installed in your home? While some prefer to store valuable items in a safe deposit box at a bank, there are several advantages offered by the use of a fireproof safe in your home.

For example, the items that remain in your home are usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, and the items stored in a bank won’t be covered if theft or a natural disaster occurs. There are other times you may need immediate access to the documents being stored.

Some of the items you should always keep in your home safe are listed here.

Insurance Policies

When you need to make a claim on any insurance policy, it’s important to make it as soon after the incident as possible. If your home is damaged during a holiday event, it could be several days before you can actually get back into the bank and gain access to your safe deposit box.

If your home happens to be injured because of a natural disaster, your local bank may also be damaged. By keeping your agent’s contact information and your policies in your home safe, you can access them immediately.

Personal Documents

Social security cards, wills, birth certificates, and passports are all crucial to have. Many people opt to have these in a bank deposit box or in a normal file at home. The issue here is that the bank may not be open when you need your documents, making it hard for you to handle emergency situations.

If you keep these documents at home, but not in a fireproof safe, it’s putting them at risk for all types of potential damage. No one wants to search for their passport or birth certificate to find it’s been water damaged or shredded.

Family Photos

It doesn’t matter if your photos are in albums or if they are digital copies you have stored away, it’s smart to keep them in your home’s safe. The safe is going to keep these irreplaceable items safe if a fire or another type of natural disaster occurs.

Some of the other items to keep in your home safe include jewelry, keys, and anything else you may need access to quickly. 

Tech Corner

How Amazon May be Dipping its Foot Into Home Security

Everyone knows Amazon – the e-commerce giant that is now offering one-day shipping for a huge selection of products. However, this company isn’t satisfied with just offering this service.

As those who work for Amazon continue to work toward new innovations and opportunities for the company, the concept of drone home surveillance provided by Amazon has recently been announced. In fact, Amazon is so dedicated to making their home surveillance ideas a reality that they have recently filed for and received a patent for home surveillance drones.

While the idea is still new, the patent papers describe the customer order drones being able to hover around a home and scan for certain things, such as fire, graffiti, a broken window, or a garage door that’s been left open. The idea is for the drone to deliver a package and then be instructed to conduct “surveillance action.”

If the drone detects any problems, a phone call or text message can be sent to the homeowner or to the local authorities. This is an interesting idea, but some have raised the concern of privacy issues for neighbors who have not approved Amazon’s “surveillance.”

The company answered this concern by stating the drones would use geo-fencing to help eliminate this problem.

Keep in mind, the idea of surveillance from Amazon is still new and nothing that’s going to be available in the near future. However, the company is actively working to bring this new service to fruition.

Health Tip:

Summer Health Risks to Know and Avoid

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the warmer weather. However, day to day summer activities present new risks to your health.

Make sure you remain safe this summer by getting to know some of the most common health risks. Just a bit of prevention can help to ensure you have a healthy summer.

Skin Cancer

The most common form of cancer is skin cancer. Each year, more than one million people are diagnosed with this condition. If skin cancer is caught early enough, it can be treated easily.

It’s a good idea to check your skin for signs of cancer a few times a year. Also, always wear sunscreen when going out in the sun. This can help prevent serious issues.

Heat Stroke

This is a serious medical condition that may also be life threatening. When someone suffers from heat stroke, the core temperature of their body has risen significantly. Some of the common signs of heat stroke include a fast pulse, no sweat, rapid, short breathing, and confusion.

If these symptoms are noticed in anyone, it’s a good idea to seek medical help right away.

Food Poisoning

According to the CDC, 76 million people get food poisoning. Summer is a time of picnics and eating outside. If food remains warm too long, it can cause food poisoning. It’s a good idea to review food safety and handling best practices to ensure you nor your family suffer from this condition this summer.

While there are risks to be aware of, you can still have fun in the sun this summer. Just use common sense and follow the tips here.

Gossip Alert:

Strange Cars Owned by Celebs: Prepare to be Confused

Who doesn’t love a bit of celebrity gossip from time to time? However, rather than focusing on the bad, let’s look at the unusual and, perhaps, a bit quirky.

If you are intrigued, keep reading to learn about some of the most unique vehicles and their celebrity owners.

The Matte-White Bugatti Owned by Floyd Mayweather

Formerly owned by Xzibit, this car has been customized by the former Pimp My Ride host, who has an amazing eye for detail. Some of the most unique features include the dark read highlights that detail the car, and the fact that the entire vehicle is an eye-catching matte white. Even the gas cap has been customized to match the theme in the rest of the vehicle.

The Nike Air Inspired Lamborghini Owned by Chris Brown

Chris actually got the idea for the look of this vehicle from his own Nike Shoe. He decided to have his Lamborghini Aventador painted just like it. Wile camo isn’t usually part of mainstream trends, Chris has helped to upgrade the perception of this typically outdoorsy pattern.

The Rusted BMW Owned by Austin Mahone

Mahone made the decision to spend quite a bit of money to customize his BMW i8 with a vinyl wrap. While many celebs do this, what was unique about Mahone’s is that he chose to wrap his car with rust. To complete the look, he added gold-tinted rims.