Four Smart Home Security & Alarm Tips to Help You Manage Back-to-School

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For parents, back-to school is typically one of the most enjoyable times in the calendar. There’s a good chance that 2022 will be slowing down your enthusiasm.

Alongside the typical concerns of back-to-school, you’re dealing with new issues. It could be that you’re managing virtual education at your home or perhaps a mixed school program. It is possible that you are working from home, with many things to accomplish, but having less time with little flexibility when someone’s schedule shifts.

Be prepared to change. If you need help we’re here to assist you.

Security systems for homes have developed a great deal and is not only to be used in emergencies. Modern security systems that incorporate advanced home technology will assist you in staying informed about what’s going on, deal with unexpected changes to your routine, and can even help you remove a few distractions from work.

Here’s how you can utilize your security system and alarm monitoring to handle this year’s challenges of back-to-school.

1. Home Automated Z-Wave Smart locks make the day of everyone more enjoyable.

If your children are planning to leave or returning at home by themselves this year and you want to secure your home with a home automated smart lock, adding one to your alarm system as an investment that is worth the cost.

Back to School Security 2022

Home Security: Kids can be in a hurry, especially on mornings. If you have a lock that is smart should they fail to close the door when the leave you will be able to make use of the Globelink Security application to correct it.

Flexible after-school hours If an unexpected schedule change requires someone to take care of your kids in your home, then you are able to allow them in without needing to be present.

Keys are not needed Smart locks let you provide your family with numbers instead of handing out keys. If someone forgets their password and you forget it, you are able to unlock the door for the person. If anyone shares their code by mistake–which is the digital equivalent of a lost door key–you are able to delete the original and make a new one in just a few seconds.

2. Try these Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring alerts for peace of mind.

Your smart home security system can keep you in the know on your kids’ whereabouts, no matter where you are. Take a few minutes to set up these alerts this week.

User code alert: Get a notification when a specific user code is used to unlock the door. If you’ve given everyone their own code, you’ll be able to know exactly who’s coming and going.

No-show alert: This alert does the opposite, letting you know when someone hasn’t used their code by a specified time. If your kids are running late, or forget to tell you they’re visiting a friend after school, this alert is a useful prompt for you to check in.

Video alerts: Seeing is believing. A video clip from an outdoor, indoor or doorbell camera, triggered by a user code, gives you extra confirmation that your kids are home safe. Plus… you can see if they brought friends with them too.

3: An indoor camera can help you manage your home classroom.

Home Security Safety For Back To School

If your kids are learning virtually this fall, keeping everyone on track is going to be a major challenge. That includes you, too—it’s important to stay focused. Back to School Security 2022. If you’re already getting up from your desk every 10 minutes to help with a math question or IT issue, you’ll appreciate an indoor camera with two-way voice. Positioned within reach of your kids, this type of camera doubles as an intercom for your home classroom. If anyone needs help, they can reach you on your Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring app by pushing the camera’s Talk button, and even show you a question they’re stuck with. Meanwhile, you’ll be able check in on your home classroom discreetly during Zoom calls.

4: A doorbell camera protects you from daytime distractions.

It won’t take much home-schooling to understand what every teacher knows: distractions are the enemy. A knock on the door will disrupt any classroom within seconds, including yours. That’s where your Globelink Security & Alarm Monitoring powered doorbell camera comes in. Instead of knocking, a visitor need only press the doorbell (which you can silence) to reach you at your desk. You’ll be able to see and talk to the visitor through your Globelink Security app instead of going to the door. Package delivery? Just ask the driver to leave it on the step: your kids can collect it on their next break. (If no one’s home, you can do this instead.)

Need help? Just ask a Globelink service provider.

Stay safe. Do your best.

Get total alarm & security protection by utilizing custom security systems, professionally installed along with a residence that operates in a way that keeps you safe.



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