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Commercial Security System Primer: What Options Are Available?

In any commercial setting, having a security system is a smart move. This helps protect the building and everyone who uses it from nefarious individuals and entities. However, as a business owner, you have a lot to consider. One of the most important considerations is which security system is right for you. 

Before being able to choose a commercial security system, it is important to learn about the available options. Some of the most common used today can be found here. 

Access Control Systems 

This type of security system determines who is allowed to enter an office building or another commercial space. This is done with an access card or code that is given to each person allowed to enter the area. 

Video Surveillance and Security Cameras 

Having mounted cameras in your commercial building can help your security team know what is happening in specific areas. They will also be able to monitor the security of the building’s interior through the video footage captured. 

Alarm Systems

A commercial building alarm system is the perfect option for deterring criminal activity and let you know if a breach occurs. The alarms may be directly connected to the locking mechanisms on a door, or they can be triggered by specific events that occur on your property. 


A door contact sensor can be installed to let you know when a door is opened and when it remains ajar. For spaces that are considered high security, your business may want to install microwave, laser, or infrared sensors, which provide more advanced security. 

Fire Safety and Emergency Systems 

When it comes to commercial building security system, you need to ensure that proper fire safety and emergency detection equipment has been installed. In fact, this is essential to remain compliant with the local safety requirements in place. 

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to commercial security systems. Be sure to consider what would be most beneficial for your business when choosing what to install. 


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What Should You Do if Your Home is Burglarized?

One of the worst events you can experience is a homeowner is arriving home to find you have been burglarized. After all, you home is supposed to be your “safe place” and the location where you feel most secure. When this situation occurs, you may wonder what to do and where to turn. While it can be a difficult situation, there are certain steps you should take to restore your home’s security and your peace of mind. 

What to Do Within 24-Hours of a Home Break-In

At this point, your home is considered an active crime scene. While it may be tempting to pick up the mess the burglar made, you should resist this temptation. If you do this, you may destroy any evidence they left behind. Instead, take the following steps:

  • Call the police to file a report
  • Review the footage on your security camera and give it to the police
  • If you don’t have a security camera, take photos of the scene
  • Create a list of anything missing
  • Call your insurance company

Steps to Take One Week After a Home Burglary 

If it has been several days since your home was broken into, you can likely take a few other steps. This includes:

  • Boarding up and securing any broken doors or windows
  • Review the footage on your security system one more time
  • Call to have a security system installed to restore your peace of mind

There is no question that a break in can be devastating. Not only will you lose valuable items, but you will also lose your peace of mind. Knowing the steps to take after a break in will help you secure your home and family. 


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The Top Personal Safety Devices Everyone Should Own

Even though the hope is that you would never need them, everyone should consider investing in personal safety devices. Whether it is to provide peace of mind or because you have to walk in dark parking garages, there are a few personal safety devices you can keep on-hand to provide protection and peace of mind. Keep reading to learn what those safety devices are. 

Stun Gun and Flashlight Combo

This device offers several benefits. You can stop someone who is trying to attack you and see in the dark. Just having this in your pocket or on your person can provide peace of mind that you will be safe, no matter what you do or where you go. 

Keychain Pepper Spray

While this may not be high tech, it is a definite must-have when it comes to personal safety. Having pepper spray on your keychain means that you are ready for anything. 

Personal Alarm 

When it comes to high-tech safety devices, a personal alarm is a smart investment. These are found in the form of jewelry or can be a fob attached to your keychain. The loud sounds will alert anyone nearby, which will make nefarious individuals run for the hills. 



You Are What You Eat: How Improving Your Nutrition Can Improve Your Health and Happiness

Good nutrition is an important part of health and development. When you get the right nutrition from the food you eat, it can help improve your health, regardless of your age, while reducing your potential of diseases and improving longevity. Keep reading for some helpful tips to get the nutrition you need to remain healthy throughout the year. 

Include Protein with Every Meal

It is smart to include some protein with every meal. This will help to balance your blood sugar. In fact, there are some studies that have shown that diets that are high in protein are beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. Other studies have shown that balancing your blood sugar can help support cardiovascular health and weight management. 

Eat Oily Species of Fish

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are plentiful in oily fish, are essential for brain and eye development, gene expression, and cell signaling. There are some studies that claim that omega-3 fatty acids can also reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Other potential benefits include managing the earliest stages of degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. 

Eat Plenty of Whole Grains

According to information from the American Heart Association, it is recommended that people opt for whole grains, instead of refined grains. This is because whole grains include fiber, iron, and B vitamins. All these nutrients are necessary for certain body functions that include taking oxygen to the blood, balancing blood sugar, and regulating the immune system. 

Making small adjustments to your diet and the foods you eat will help you live a happier and healthier life. It can also help reduce the possibility of chronic diseases. Try to make the adjustments above to enjoy the health benefits described. 



Popular Celebrities Who Now Work Regular Jobs

Celebrities are just like you and me – this is something you hear all the time. However, when they are in the spotlight, it doesn’t seem like this is the case. 

Unfortunately, for many celebrities, being famous wasn’t “for them,” which is why they now work regular jobs. Some celebrities from the past who now work regular jobs include:

  • Charlie Korsmo, known for his role in “hook,” now works as a New York lawyer. 
  • Jack Gleeson, from the “Game of Thrones,” is now pursuing an academic career at Dublin’s Trinity College.
  • Al Green, the well-known soul singer, now preaches at a Memphis, Tennessee church.