I am replying as requested in the email to confirm the installation date and time. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions and addressing all of my concerns in a professional and courteous manner. It seems to me these traits are rare these days. I would also like to thank GSS for providing a top rate security system very competitive price. Since being in the market for a residential alarm system for some time now, I researched several companies, this included calling for quotes, checking the internet (ie. company websites, and independent forums), checking with the BBB, talking to neighbors with different alarm monitoring companies. I also checked with the local police and Sheriff’s department to get the stats on their responses to alarm calls in the area. Through out my research one company consistently out performed every other company I checked out. That company was Globelink Security. In the area of cost and installation, the price of the different systems ranged from $0 to $799. As far as calling for quotes, it ranged from getting a knowledgeable live person right away to an automated operator asking for a callback number so that the sales team could call back. My experience with the call back normally took several days. Upon checking with the online forums and neighbors, I received response that ranged from very satisfied to deplorable with the different alarm companies. As a police officer I know the importance of responding to an active alarm call and having as much information as possible, and this was agreed to in the reports I got from the local police and Sheriff’s department. As a police officer I know first hand the importance of a reliable alarm system and monitoring company. I would like to reiterate that after my extensive research I feel Globelink provides both a reliable alarm system and monitoring company at a very competitive price. Again thank you for the great service your company offers.