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Getting to Know the Most Common Security Mistakes for Offices 

When you work in an office, you may not think too much about security. You have locks, a security system, and maybe even an on-site security guard – that should be enough, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 

You may be making some security mistakes that are putting yourself, your staff, and your business at risk. Learning what these risks are is the best way to correct them. 

Failing to Educate Your Team Properly 

A common mistake related to office security is failing to educate your team about the proper procedures and the consequences or risks involved if the outlined procedures are not followed. Regardless of what type of business you have, you need to ensure your team knows how to spot potential security risks and follow steps to prevent these. 

Failing to Test the Security You Have in Place

Have you ever tested the security measures you have in place? If not, this is another mistake you should avoid. While you may have a security system that provides you with a sense of safety, you don’t know for sure unless you take the time to test it. 

Not Taking Your Cybersecurity Seriously 

Some people may inadvertently limit office security by failing to take cybersecurity and digital threats seriously. Your business (like most) stores a lot of sensitive information on your computers. You must take steps to protect the information from nefarious individuals. 

Even if you don’t have a physical product that you sell or any seemingly valuable assets, your office may still be at risk. Using the information here will help you determine if you are making any of the most common security mistakes. It also allows you to fix these problems.

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Motivations and Deterrents for Burglaries: Could Your Home be a Target?

Just like in most areas of life, knowing is part of the struggle. Knowing the reason that burglars select some homes can help you take steps to protect yours. While you may not be able to know the exact motivation for someone to break into your home, some proven factors will either encourage or dissuade a burglar from targeting your house. Knowing what these are can help you protect yourself and your home. 

Potential Motivators for Burglars 

People who burglarize a home are usually experienced, offenders. Some of the top motivators for breaking in include thrill-seeking, foolishness, money, and drugs. In fact, about 81% of people polled in a study claimed the main reason they started to burglarize homes was to acquire money or drugs. 

Pre-Planned or Spur of the Moment?

Less than one-third of all offenders reported they collected information about a potential target. This means that two-thirds of people are choosing this at the moment. About 50% of those polled stated once they found a possible target, the burglary took place within one day, while 16% stated they planned about one to three days before orchestrating the event. 

Potential Deterrents for Burglars 

Most burglars reported that if a home alarm system is in place, like alarms or cameras, they will not continue with the plan. Approximately 60% of burglars stated that any type of surveillance equipment would make them find a new target. This means having the proper security measures in place is a must to protect your home and property. 

While there are no absolutes, since each burglar is unique, you can take steps to protect your home and property. Use the information here to do just that. 


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Are Smart Locks Really That Secure?

Making sure your business or home is secure at all times is essential. To do this effectively, you may be considering the addition of a smart lock system to the home or building. Smart locks are designed to connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allowing them to be engaged and monitored through a smartphone app. 

Even though traditional keys aren’t disappearing any time soon, upgrading and installing a new smart lock system gives you an additional sense of convenience and security. 

However, before making this investment, it is a good idea to consider if these tech-advanced locks are really that secure. 

How Smart Locks Operate 

When the word “smart” is used for a lock, it means it can be used with other technology through a Wi-Fi connection. The actual mechanics of smart locks aren’t that different from a standard lock. This means you don’t have to replace your door or make expensive updates to the exterior of your home to upgrade to a higher-tech smart lock. However, if you have a door that is off-center or warped so that a traditional lock doesn’t operate normally or easily, this problem should be fixed before adding a new smart lock. 

Just like your key will operate a traditional lock, smart locks engage and disengage using a code that can be entered through a keypad installed nearby (if you purchase a model with this feature) or through a smartphone app. Some of the other entry methods include biometric sensors or key fobs. The app you download will allow you to lock or unlock the door remotely and let you check on the actual status of the lock. 

Since a smart lock is an electronic device, it requires a source of power. Usually, this is a few batteries. You also need a Wi-Fi Signal for the smart lock to function. 

Safety Considerations of Smart Locks

When it comes to the mechanical aspect of the lock, your door is just as safe with a smart lock as it would be with a traditional lock. The main difference is the digital aspect of your home security. In the past few years, smart locks have become more popular, as they seem like a safer and more convenient option. However, it is important to note that no smart device is completely safe from a cyberattack; however, if you purchase from a reputable brand, you can feel confident safeguards are in place to minimize security issues. 


Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes this Summer 

During the dog days of summer, there are a few things you can count on. One is extreme heat. Another is the presence of mosquitoes. 

If you want to get rid of these bothersome pests without using chemicals or other dangerous substances, you have options. Keep reading to learn what these natural, effective options are. 

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

This is something that has been used since the 1940s. It is one of the most well-known mosquito repellents. In fact, the CDC has even approved eucalyptus oil to be used as an active ingredient in popular mosquito repellents. Using a mix that included 32% lemon eucalyptus oil offered 95% protection, for three hours, against mosquitoes. 


The oil and fragrance produced by crushed lavender flowers can effectively repel mosquitoes. Also, lavender has antiseptic, antifungal, and analgesic qualities. This means along with preventing mosquito bites, it can also help to soothe and calm your skin. 

Thyme Oil

If you want to repel mosquitoes naturally, thyme oil is a great option. Along with using thyme oil on your skin, you can put thyme leaves in a fire. Burning thyme provides significant protection for around 60 to 90 minutes.



Extreme Celebrity Diets to Avoid at All Costs 

People across the country are constantly looking for effective and fast ways to lose weight and look amazing. Even celebrities have found themselves in this position. With this ever-growing need to lose weight, some crazy and even dangerous diets have emerged. Some of the craziest celebrity diets that you should avoid can be found here. 

The Baby Food Diet

Created by Tracy Anderson, a celebrity trainer, the baby food diet has been followed by big-name celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Aniston. The concept is that this diet helps reduce cravings without sacrificing proper nutrition. 

The main problem with this diet is that adults aren’t babies and therefore have different nutritional needs. It is not a diet that is healthy or safe for any adult to try. 

The Master Cleanse 

This is best known because Beyonce once followed this diet to lose 20 pounds before the filming of Dream Girls. While it works for the short-term, it is not a long-term solution, and the cleanse is pretty “extreme,” according to those who have followed it. 

Snooki’s Cookies

You know who Snooki is, right? Chances are you wouldn’t follow any trend she started. However, this is definitely true when it comes to The Cookie Diet. She followed Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet and slimmed down, but this isn’t a safe or long-term method for losing weight. It is best to stick to proven, safe methods for losing weight