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picked in strangers’ gardens.” – Douglas Jerrold

Commercial Security:

New Business Owners: What to Include on Your Security Checklist

As a business owner, there’s an unfortunate truth you have to face – crime is a reality. This means you have to remain on guard and vigilant about security for your commercial property, your employees and your office.

If you have recently become a business owner, there are an overwhelming number of things you have to manage. One you should avoid overlooking is security. Here, you can find out what to include on your checklist.

Doors and entry points. You should not overlook this basic feature of business security. You need to ensure all doors and other points of entry are locked – even during regular business hours, when not in use. Windows are no exception to this. You need to make sure everything is secured from the inside when the building isn’t being used. For superior security install deadbolts on doors or use a keyless entry system.

Protect your valuables and assets. If you accept cash as a form of payment, you need to make sure you are making frequent deposits during business hours. This helps to limit the total amount of cash on hand. Also, when closing for the day, make sure all valuable items and assets are put away, out of sight. Blinds are also beneficial and using a fireproof combination safe for cash can be extremely beneficial.

Enforce network security. Today, it’s virtually impossible to run a business without using the internet or a computer for something. As a result, you need to have a network security plan in place and ensure all employees fully understand it.

If you are a new business owner (or even an existing one with minimal security in place) this list can help you secure your investment and ensure you aren’t a victim of theft.

Residential Security:

Tips for Protecting Your Pool and Minimizing Accidents this Summer  

It doesn’t matter what type of pool you have – above or below ground – safety is a top concern. You need to make sure you take the proper security measures to ensure accidents don’t occur. 

Are you wondering how you can effectively protect your pool, friends and family this summer? If so, keep reading.

Install self-closing pool gates. Studies have shown that a large number of pool drownings occur because there’s no access control. To keep children safe, it’s a good idea to install a fence to surround your pool (or hot tub) completely. However, a fence isn’t enough. You also need a gate that automatically closes and latches. In some states, it is required by law to have self-closing and self-latching gates around private pools.

Use pool gate locks. While having a gate that automatically closes, it’s also important to have a locking device to keep unsupervised children and trespassers from gaining access to the pool. There are several locking mechanisms designed to secure a pool.

Wireless Devices. If you have a alarm installed there are many wireless devices your can implement to help with your outdoor pool needs. A outdoor motion detector and door contact tied to your alarm  would be ideal for a pool area. With this set up you can monitor activity get email alerts and even turn on your video camera to record on motion detection.

Tips to Prevent Pool Drownings
In addition to utilizing the safety and security measures listed above, it’s also wise to use the tips here to prevent the possibility of drownings:

  • Be sure the fence around the pool is at least four feet
  • Install a rigid safety cover
  • Supervise children near water, even if they know how to swim
  • Keep safety devices on-hand and visible
  • Have a first aid kit present in case of an emergency
  • Remain updated on your CPR certification
  • Ensure everyone in the pool knows how to swim

By using the safety and security tips here, you can help prevent drownings in your pool this summer. 

Health Tip:

 Natural Ways to Beat Allergies this Year   

Unfortunately, for many people, allergies are something they just have to “deal with” day in and day out. While taking medication can help with allergies, there are some other things you can do to help prevent allergy symptoms, as well.

Shut out breezes. While the weather may be gorgeous outside, if the pollen count is up, you should keep your doors and windows closed to maintain good air quality inside. It may also be a good idea to install a HEPA filter on your AC system.

Find out about alternative treatment options. One of the most well-researched, promising treatments for allergies today is called butterbur. Some studies have shown that the extract
Ze 339 may work as well as traditional antihistamine medicine. Another study has shown that the plant-based Phleum pretense may also provide benefits for allergy sufferers.

Wash regularly. Every time you come inside from being outside your home, you bring along small parts of the outside world. After you are outside, your skin, hair, shoes and clothes are all covered with small particles. As a result, you should take a shower and change your clothes to remove any allergens. Also, make sure to leave your shoes at the door.

Eat a healthy diet. It has been shown that children who ate plenty of nuts, fruits and vegetables – especially tomatoes, oranges, grapes and apples – suffered fewer allergy issues. While the link hasn’t officially been established, there’s no question that a healthy diet is good for the entire body.


If you want to beat allergies this year, consider using the tips here. You may find being allergy-free is easier than you thought.

Gossip Alert:

Weird Celebrity Habits – Proof Celebs are Human, Too 

Celebrities are often put on a pedestal. However, by learning about some of their weird habits, you can quickly see – they are just like everyone else!


Cameron Diaz 

Due to OCD, Diaz opens all doors with her elbows to help avoid spreading germs and bacteria. Can’t say we blame her on this one!

Angelina Jolie
After learning bugs were full of protein, Jolie made a point to add more bugs to her diet.

Christian Bale
Bale is anything but superstitious. In fact, he makes a point of walking under ladders, approaching black cats, breaking mirrors and more.

Demi Moore
Moore uses an unusual technique to lose weight – blood sucking leeches. These are considered to have powerful detox effects. However, you have to wonder – is it really healthy to lose weight like this?

While he’s a famous rapper, he has an unusual bedtime habit. He is only able to sleep if the room is completely dark. He even requests that all windows in hotel rooms are completely covered.