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“Your goal should be just out of reach, but not out of sight.” – Denis Waitley and Remi Witt

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Effective Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Security System

The use of a physical security system is no longer optional for modern businesses.
In fact, according to information provided by the FBI, the number of business burglaries are going down, year after year. This is partly attributed to the growing use of commercial security products.

This growth is driven by small businesses that are growing concerned about security and more aware of the latest technologies available on the market. However, just having a security system in place isn’t enough. You must invest time to ensure it is maintained and continues to work properly. Some tips to help you with this can be found here.

Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Security System

The best tips you can use to maintain your commercial security system include:

  • Check the locks on each day and the door lock contacts to make sure they operate properly and that they are clean.
  • Check and clean the lenses on your security cameras and check the connections.
  • Check with your service provider or the manufacturer of your system to make sure you have not missed any firmware updates that may compromise your security system.
  • If you have devices that use batteries, be sure to check them regularly and replace them as needed.
  • Be sure your motion detectors and video cameras are free from any environmental obstructions.

Is Your Security System Properly Maintained?

If you have never invested in maintenance for your business’s security system, now is the time to do this. You can do this in-house, or you can hire the professionals. What option you choose is up to you, but this is a smart way to safeguard your business and assets.

Residential Alarm Monitoring

Residential Security Tips to Help You Protect Your Home and Family

Having a monitored home security system is one of the smartest and easiest ways to ensure your home is protected from the possibility of a home invasion. With this in mind, there are several measures that you can take to help ensure your house isn’t as tempting to a would-be thief – regardless of if you currently have a home security system installed.

Lurkers in the Leaves

When someone plans to break into your home, they are likely going to plan it out. This will usually involve some level of surveillance. Nefarious individuals will put time into learning your habits to know when you are home and how they can get around your property without being seen by the neighbors.

Be sure that you keep any shrubs and trees close to your home trimmed so there are not as many places for these individuals to hied. No one wants to be seen, so make sure they don’t have great hiding spots.

The Extra Key

Hiding a key outside your home is the oldest trick in the book. While it may seem convenient, but it isn’t a good idea. This is going to be the first place that an intruder looks. If you are going to leave a key outside, make sure you don’t hide it in all the obvious places – such as in the mailbox, bushes, around the cooling or heating unit, under a rock, doormat, or another obvious location.

Add a Deadbolt to the Exterior Doors

While it may not be too easy to kick in a door (like they make it seem on the movies), if you are only using a traditional lock, you aren’t really providing the level of protection your home needs. Install a deadbolt lock on every door that leads outside.

A Security System is a Must

While there are viable steps you can take to help prevent a break in without investing in a security system, this is one of the best bets if you really want to protect your family and home. If you don’t yet have a security system in place, now is the time to make this investment.


Helpful Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

With the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, children of all ages and all across the country are spending more time online than ever before. With school now being conduced remotely, many parents are concerned about ensuring their child’s safety while online.

The good news is, while the education system is changing, there are tips parents can use to ensure their child is safe online and that they aren’t exposed to dangerous or unsavory information or content.

Put the Computers in a Common Part of the Home

Never allow your child to have a computer in their room. Just the presence of their parents will keep many children from venturing too far from the green lighted sites and content. Be sure to put the computer in a location you can see from several angles.

Go Online with Your Kids

While doing assignments for school may be an independent activity, if your child wants to spend time online besides doing schoolwork, why not do it with them. Also, when your child is on the computer alone, be sure you have turned on the “safe” mode setting.

Talk to Your Kids

Most kids are getting internet-connected devices at young ages. This means it is up to you to talk to them and let them know what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Be sure to warn your child about things like dangerous websites, malware, and dangerous people who are online. Be honest with this information and explain to them the dangers of going online. Remember, make this a conversation, not a lecture.

If you want to ensure your children are safe while online, use the tips here. After all, children are going to be online now, more than ever before. It is up to you to ensure they know what to do and what not to do to remain safe.


Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19 with These Tips

Coronavirus disease, which is being shortened to COVID-19, is constantly on the news. You have likely heard all about how it is affecting people from China to Italy to Washington State, California, Florida, and more. There’s no question, just the thought of this pandemic is stressful.

While this is true, and this is a matter you need to take seriously, there are some tips you can use to help keep yourself and your family safe. Even in a time when things seem out of control, you can control what you do and what you don’t do. Keep reading for some helpful tips to protect yourself from COVID-19 infection.

Wash Your Hands. It seems simple, and it is, but washing your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from these dangerous germs.

Avoid Touching Your Face. Every surface you touch can have germs and viruses present. Don’t take the chance. Avoid touching your face to prevent the possibility of catching this virus.

Practice Social Distancing. Stay six feet away from everyone. The further away you can stay, the better. If you want to stop the spread of this disease, you have to stay away.

Stay Home. While it’s not possible for everyone to stay home, if you can, do it. If you aren’t out and about, you aren’t contributing the problem. Instead, you are helping to flatten the curve.


The Best Music to Come Out of the Latest Pandemic

Right now, the world is a scary and confusing place. People are glued to the news, avoiding others, and worried about what comes next.

While things may seem grim and bleak, there is hope at the other end. To prove this, there are celebrities and music stars who are sharing their own corner of the world via video and inspiring hope to the masses around the globe.

One such entertainer is Willie Nelson. Along with his sons, Nelson has created a song that helps you look at the brighter side of this situation. It’s worth checking out, and chances are you will have a better outlook on life when you’re done.

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